Program Lineup


A 30 minute program featuring selected Wedding Pre-shoot video’s submitted by couples, videographers or photographers. The layout of the program is designed as a chart show presented by ………….. to add color and vibrancy. The program will be aired daily at ……. & will showcase 00 of videos per episode.

Wedding on Air

One hour program featuring complete wedding videos submitted by couples, videographers or bridal studios. The original video will be edited to fit our program rhythm and style and also will include interviews with the couple and service providers of the function. This will be aired at………. Daily and is presented by…………………


A program designed to feature the best local cuisine, conducted by …………………. With our host………………. The program will give in depth knowledge on how to prepare delicious local food at home. A 30 minute program aired daily will highlight our own varieties of delicacies.

World Wedding

A 30 minute program that takes the viewers closer to the rituals and wedding ceremonies from around the world, showcasing different cultural and social backgrounds. A program concept that is very refreshing, inspirational & also educational for the local brides to be.


One of the trendiest programs in our lineup, Hadakari is A to Z of fashion. A program that covers all aspects of fashion, glamour and beauty. The content will feature latest fashion trends and ideas and also discuss fashion tips, concepts and shed light on fashion perceptions and myths.

Wedding Cake

An exlcusive30 minute program that feature latest cake structure designs for the perfect wedding day. It will also give valuable inputs and tips on how to select the best structure that blend in with the total wedding concept.

Holiday Resort

This program will showcase the best hotels in Sri Lanka for weddings & honeymoons. Also it will feature the best restaurants & Beauty Spa’s. The program team will highlight the location, the facilities and the services offered for the benefit of the viewers.

Wedding Fun

A collection of surprise dances, wedding dances and other fun events that take place in weddings. The program will consist of actual video footage from local weddings.

Pre-shoot on location

A behind the scene look at wedding pre-shoots at the location. Interviews with the couples, visual directors & photographers about the creative process and the ideas.


A program featuring Gold & costume jewellery for the bride to be, highlight important tips on selection of jewellery and also the latest trends, fashions and designs. A 30 minute program that will also highlight the best local shops for bridal jewellery.


A program to educate young girls on sex life after marriage. Valuable information on the subject will be discussed by an influential personality.


A program that covers all aspects of horoscope matching and wedding rituals. An indepth look into what those rituals mean and educate the younger generation on the values that are instilled in our society for 100 of years.

First Baby

A 30 minute program that feature the thoughts of parents on their first born child. Program will talk parents of all walks of life and share their emotions, the love and the experiences with the audience.

Man Thaniyen

Interview with local celebrities who are single and share their stories, a closer look at their lives and their views on love and marriage.


Program that feature married couples sharing their views about life before and after marriage, especially about their partner. An interesting concept that will share honest and open comments about each other.